Too Much Information? ZEROBASEONE’s Kim Ji Woong And GOT7’s BamBam Go Viral For Unexpected TMI Stories

It was unexpected!

ZEROBASEONE‘s (also known as ZB1) Kim Ji Woong and GOT7‘s BamBam showed they know the true meaning of “TMI!”

BamBam (left) and Kim Ji Woong (right) | @studio_horakhorak/Instagram

K-Pop idols are often asked to share TMIs. In English, “TMI” is an abbreviation for “too much information.” It’s usually something deeply personal and even embarrassing. Yet, in Korean, “TMI” is basically used to mean irrelevant or a random incident of one’s day. International fans have been confused about why idols’ TMIs are so tame, considering the phrase’s true meaning.

What does TMI mean in kpop?
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Recently, BamBam guested on Episode 2 of Kim Ji Woong’s new web variety show Boy Detective Kim Ji Woong. The two pretended to be time travelers as they revisited the Joseon Dynasty.

BamBam and Ji Woong discussed the purpose of a winnowing basket. While it was used for winnowing and cleaning grain from chaff, bedwetting children were made to wear it on their heads. BamBam commented that it was “mean” as it was already embarrassing enough for a child to wet their bed.

There is a folk tradition where children who are unable to adequately control when they urinate (particularly while sleeping) are made to wear the k’i on their head, then sent to knock on the doors of their neighbors and ask for salt. This served to publicly embarrass the child into compliance, as neighbors would recognize why the child was knocking on their door.

— Wikipedia

BamBam then surprisingly asked Ji Woong if he had wet the bed before. Ji Woong confessed that he had done it a lot in school.

BamBam: Have you wet your bed before?

Kim Ji Woong: A lot. Back in school.

BamBam: Back in school?

Kim Ji Woong: It’s a secret I don’t want to talk about.

BamBam: I’m sure everyone had that experience back in school.

Kim Ji Woong: I think I was in Grade 3 or 2. I used to wet my bed a lot.

BamBam surprisingly asked Ji Woong if he had wet his bed recently. Ji Woong protested that he hadn’t done it since he was little.

BamBam: When was the last time you wet your bed recently?

Kim Ji Woong: I didn’t.

BamBam: Come on. I’m sure you did.

So, Ji Woong turned the tables and asked BamBam a personal question. BamBam confessed that he farted often while performing on stage with GOT7.

Kim Ji Woong: When you had a concert?

BamBam: I often farted. When I turned… “Who farted?”

Netizens were surprised by the K-Pop idols’ honesty as so many often steer clear of such topics. So, the clip went viral across social media.


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