5+ K-Pop Idols’ TMI Stories That Were Actually “Too Much Information”

They understood the assignment.

Whether during live broadcasts, events, or on Weverse, fans often ask K-Pop idols to share TMIs. But a “TMI” has a different meaning in Korea.

In English, “TMI” is an abbreviation for “too much information,” so people share deeply personal and even embarrassing or disgusting stories. On the other hand, in Korean, “TMI” is basically used to mean irrelevant or a random incident of one’s day. So, international fans are often confused about why idols’ TMIs are so simple, considering the phrase’s real meaning.

What does TMI mean in kpop?
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Yet, some K-Pop idols have revealed shocking stories that prove they understand the true definition of TMI! Check them out below.

1. MAMAMOO’s Moonbyul revealed she doesn’t wear clothes at home.

2. B.I told the audience that his underwear was wet.

3. MONSTA X’s Shownu shared that his uncle was arrested for tax fraud.

4. MAMAMOO’s Hwasa casually mentioned her bowel movement on national TV.

5. SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi exposed Seungkwan for almost falling for a scam.

6. MONSTA X’s Hyungwon had to do a urine test and give the sample to a MONBEBE that worked there.

7. GOT7’s BamBam tweeted from the restroom after eating spicy food.

8. NCT’s Ten attempted to unclog the toilet but accidentally exploded his cats’ poop onto himself.