ZEROBASEONE Announces Official Fandom Name And Reveals The Special Meaning Behind It

It’s so pretty!

ZEROBASEONE fans now officially have a fandom name!

| @ZB1_official/Twitter

After taking suggestions from fans for the official fandom name, ZEROBASEONE made an official announcement during their OZE Live event that fans will be called ZEROSE. Jiwoong shared the clever meaning behind the name.

In ZEROBASEONE, if you take out ZB1 (ZeBaOne), we are left with ‘Rose.’ So if you add ZB1 and Rose together, it becomes ZEROBASEONE. It means ZB1 and Rose are one.

— Jiwoong

I know a lot of you sent us ideas about fandom names with a lot of meaning and what you guys said is really meaningful, but when we discussed it together, we decided on ZEROSE as a fandom name. So I hope you guys give a lot of love to our fandom name ZEROSE and we will keep on working hard as ZEROBASEONE.

— Jiwoong

Before the official announcement, fans had already fallen in love with name on social media.

Looking even closer at the name “ZEROSE” (제로즈), you can find yet another meaning. It contains the Korean word for “my” (제 or je) as well as the word “rose.” Together, it sounds like “my rose!”

After the exciting announcement, it didn’t take long for the name to trend on Twitter.

Hearing the members address fans as “ZEROSE” just sounds right!

Goodbye Star Creators, hello ZEROSE!

| @ZB1_official/Twitter


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