ZEROBASEONE’s Ricky Is Harshly Scolded By A Manager On Camera, Angering Fans

Many feel that management’s comments were xenophobic.

ZEROBASEONE fans are demanding WAKEONE take action after a manager was captured berating Ricky on livestream.


On October 31, Ricky began a livestream to chat with fans. At the same time, Gyuvin and Gunwook also began one in the room, with the reasoning being that the phone was too small to capture them all.

After a bit of chatting, Gunwook tells Ricky to check his KakaoTalk, saying that they (management) told Ricky to end his stream.

Gunwook: Ricky, check KakaoTalk

Gunwook: No, check your Kakaotalk and end your live

Ricky: oops

Gunwook: They said get permission and then do it.

Ricky:  I have to end the live now. bye bye, I don’t think I can continue any longer, sorry.

Gyuvin then joins Gunwook’s ongoing stream, where yelling can be heard in the background.

The person, presumed to be management, can be heard saying things like “you didn’t tell [us] and started the live,” and “do you understand what I’m saying,” with the latter asked in a very condescending way. 

This could be heard up until the point when the other members’ stream ended. Fans were left shocked and outraged that the group’s team would speak harshly to a member over something so trivial, especially since the others were in the same room.

Some also believe this is part of what many fans have considered sinophobia directed at the Chinese members of the group.

Since their debut, ZEROBASEONE fans have often had issues with WAKEONE’s management and treatment of the group, which you can read about below.

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