ZEROBASEONE’s Sung Hanbin Spotted At His Sister’s Graduation — Even Dishes Out Fanservice

He drove the parents wild.

From time to time, idols will show up unexpectedly at various schools, likely for their family members’ events. NCT‘s Haechan previously visited his younger brother’s school for his entrance ceremony. This time, on February 6, 2024, ZEROBASEONE‘s Sung Hanbin attended his sister’s graduation, shocking the students and parents present.

A lucky (or unlucky) fan was unable to meet him, but her sister and mother got to interact with him. She was unable to go to the ceremony due to being in post-natal care, but her mother got a handshake with the star.

Account of seeing Sung Hanbin. (Although not directly seen by me.)

Did I mention that my younger sibling goes to the same school as Hanbin’s sister? Hanbin came to the graduation ceremony today. He even shook hands with my mom, who watched Produce with me… And my mom and younger sibling became stans after that LOL. I was going to go to, but I was at the post-natal care center due to birth problems…

— milktea_tea_tea

Another fan recounted that he attended with his manager in tow.

Seems like Hanbin went to his sister’s graduation today… My friend said they saw him when they went to the ceremony… I’m uploading this because they said he came with his manager and already left.

— allinhb_613

Others were simply surprised to randomly run into the star.

Huh? Sung Hanbin came to our school.

— sh0xta_

Others mentioned that Hanbin politely declined requests to take photographs, and quickly left the venue with his manager. As it was a surprise appearance, there were no issues with crowing or traffic.