WAKEONE Issues Official Statement Regarding Various Crimes Against ZEROBASEONE

They will be taking strong legal action.

WAKEONE issued an official statement on February 3, 2024. They addressed certain issues such as fans breaking into the dorm and breaching the members’ privacy.

Hello. This is WAKEONE.

Recently, falsely created contents about our artists have been circulating on online communities and various social media. As per the previous notices we have uploaded, the company will be responding to crimes that violate artists’ personal rights and privacy and threaten their safety with the principle of zero tolerance.

Through the lawfirm Sejong, the company has filed a lawsuit with an investigative agency against the people who have visited our artists’ dorm, on charges of trespassing someone’s home. The investigation of the case is underway.

In addition, we have also filed a lawsuit with the police regarding the people that illegally obtained our artists’ personal information and have tried contacting or calling the artists. A portion of the investigations against the perpetrators have finished. Regarding the cases about those that have tried threatening our artists, investigations are underway after being issued with a court search warrant.

As for those who have been creating and circulating contents containing lies related to our artists, even if it takes time, we will reveal the truth through digital forensics on imaes, video, and audio. We wish to tell you once again that we will use all means necessary to protect our artist.

In addition, in the future, we will be taking strong legal action without any compromise or leniency, against those who spread false information and leaves malicious comments, so as to prevent similar situations from happening again.

The company promises to put in every effort so as to protect our artists and the loving fans from harm.

Thank you.


Previously, ZEROBASEONE’s dorm was invaded, and the boys plagued with calls from sasaengs. A more recent controversy also saw member Kim Jiwoong be accused of swearing after a videocall fansign. You can read more about the matter below.

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Source: Mnet