Hawk-Eyed Fans Spot ZEROBASEONE Sung Hanbin’s Chest Tattoo

It shows his duality!

As the broadcast of “Boys Planet” has come to an end and ZEROBASEONE is preparing for their official debut, fans are noticing more and more about which members have tattoos.

ZEROBASEONE | @ZB1_official/Twitter

Since they are not allowed to show their tattoos on the show, it has taken until now for fans to finally see a glimpse of their ink! So far, it’s known that Ricky has a neck tattoo that states “Role Model” because he wants to become a role model to others.

| @gravity040520/Twitter
| @gravity040520/Twitter  

Additionally, fans have seen some of Seok Matthew‘s tattoos, including his arm tattoo that reads “H.M.C.” Fans speculate he is a fan of Howl’s Moving Castle as he’s mentioned the movie on multiple occasions.

| @kitten_smt/Twitter

Additionally, he also has an unknown tattoo on his left shoulder blade and/or back.

Kim Jiwoong‘s ankle tattoo is speculated to say, “…will lead to greatness.”

Kim Jiwoong

Now, fans are finally uncovering Sung Hanbin‘s tattoos! First, his bicep tattoo is speculated to say “Don’t regret what you do.”

Sung Hanbin

However, it’s his chest/collarbone tattoos that are stealing the spotlight. The perfectly placed sun, star, and moon sit below his collarbones and caught many fansite’s attention during ZB1’s recent visit to the airport for KCON Japan.

Sung Hanbin
| All Rounder
| @violet_sxz/Twitter

Fans are swooning over the gorgeous tattoo that suits him well!

The most observant fans have already caught a sneak peek of the tattoo on other occasions.


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