ZEROBASEONE’s Zhang Hao Names The BTS Song That Made Him Cry

He was a young trainee back then.

ZEROBASEONE‘s Zhang Hao recently showcased his love for BTS during a YouTube appearance.

BTS | Weverse

The idol appeared as a guest on the latest episode of Leemujin Service, the popular YouTube music talk show hosted by singer Lee Mujin.

Zhang Hao (right) with Lee Mujin (left) | @KBSKpop/YouTube

During the episode, Zhang Hao did multiple live renditions of his favorite songs, leaving audiences mesmerized with his vocals. He performed a variety of K-Pop tracks, including “Always” by ZEROBASEONE, “Rain” by Taeyeon, “I Love You” by Position, and “So Bad” by STAYC.

The live singing session was then intercepted by an impromptu instrumental performance. Host Lee Mujin mentioned Zhang Hao’s love for playing instruments, and the idol agreed to play the violin for him. When the host asked him what song he wanted to play, Zhang mentioned BTS’s “Dynamite.” He then played the chorus of the song on his violin spontaneously while Lee Mujin joined on the guitar!

Zhang Hao then moved on to his final song, which was also another BTS track. He mentioned that it was a track that made him cry as a trainee.

The song in question was “Epiphany,” the solo piece of Jin from BTS’s 2018 album Love Yourself: Answer.

Talking about why he chose the song for his live performance, Zhang Hao explained that when he was a trainee, he watched a video of Jin singing it at a concert while playing the piano. “I was so touched, I cried,” he admitted.

Since then, he always wanted to perform the song, mainly because the melody left a deep impression.

The episode was wrapped with a heartfelt duet cover of “Epiphany” by Zhang Hao and Lee Mujin.

Meanwhile, ZEROBASEONE, the boy group created through Mnet‘s survival show Boys Planet, made its debut in July with the EP Youth In The Shade. Recently, the group released its second EP, Melting Point, on November 6.