ZEST to postpone comeback indefinitely due to rape allegations

Ever since news surfaced that an idol group member has been accused of rape, the public has been paying attention to ZEST’s every move as netizens identified the alleged attacker to be one of the group’s members. In light of the allegations, ZEST has postponed their comeback indefinitely.

According to ZEST’s agency Zenith Star Entertainment on March 6th, “The initial plan was to release a comeback single in early April and continue promotional activities with a full-length album. However, with the recent incident, ZEST’s comeback has been postponed indefinitely. The members are unable to attend the events that have already been scheduled. There has been a huge damage due to this incident.

The agency also rebuked, “A’s claims are nonsensical. We would like to reiterate that we have the evidence that it was not a rape. Everything will be revealed through the police investigation. We are currently arranging to comply with the police.

In the midst of a rape scandal, the agency revealed earlier that the alleged rape victim and accuser is a former idol. The news of the alleged rape began surfacing on March 5th, when it was reported that an unknown male idol group member B has been accused of rape by woman A, who is in her 20s. The incident allegedly took place in November 2014, which would mean that the male idol member was under the age of 19 as he was born in 1996, while the female was born in 1991.

In relation to the case, the police department commented, “We currently don’t have anything to report regarding the case.

Source: Ilgan Sports