Sasaengs Splash Water On Idol At The Airport After Allegedly Being Told Off

Being an idol is no easy job.

A video of C-Pop idol Zhang Xing Te being splashed with water has gone viral on Weibo recently. The assailants were identified to be stalker fans, or sasaengs, of the singer. They were shown using paper cups to pour water on him. He was accompanied by a staff member who tried to grab the assailants by the arms. The staff member was unable to block the attack.

The following post was spread on Weibo, captioned “#Sasaengs splash water on Zhang Xing Te. If I see you once, I’ll splash you once.” The original photo was posted by the sasaeng, including a mocking in-picture text that reads, “it’s raining, brother.” It was said that he approached the stalkers in order to tell them to stop. That was when they retaliated by splashing him with water.

| Weibo via @melonconsumer/Twitter

Zhang Xing Te was praised for his kind nature. He even picked up the cups thrown on the floor by the stalkers, disposing of them so as not to add to the litter in the airport.

Zhang Xing Te picking up the trash.

It was reported that he had already called the cops on the stalkers. Zhang Xing Te shot to fame through Produce Camp, the Chinese version of Produce 101. He later blossomed into an actor, starring in countless high teen dramas.