Zico Allegedly Established His Own Entertainment Agency

He’s kicking off the new year all on his own!

Zico has allegedly established his own entertainment company and is set to begin his solo career all on his own!


The former Block B member announced that he was leaving Block B and their agency, Seven Seasons, last November. At the time, he also indicated that he would be making a solo comeback in 2019.

(★BREAKING) Zico Leaves Block B and Seven Seasons, Plans On Making Solo Comeback in 2019


Now, Zico’s solo comeback is set to take off with a brand new entertainment agency run by Zico himself. According to numerous sources, Zico has recently opened an office and an employee who left Seven Seasons with Zico is currently helping him run the agency. Sources have revealed that the company’s name will most likely be King of the Zungle (KOZ), which was the name of his world tour concert.


One source shared their view on Zico’s newly established company and revealed that Zico may be planning to take in new artists as well.

“Zico has composing/writing/producing abilities and therefore he has much freedom of movement when running a 1-person agency. The fact that he has gotten familiar with the entertainment agency system through years of experience since his debut is also the basis for his new beginning. Because he works with music based on hip-hop, hip-hop artists who have successfully established their own labels such as Jay Park, Dok2, The Quiett, Deepflow, and Paloalto may become role models. As far as I know, he is also planning to train junior artists while he works on his music.”

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Zico, who made his debut as a member of Block B in 2011, has been receiving attention as an idol rapper with extraordinary producing skills. He produced hit tracks such as “Eureka” and “Artist”, and even visited North Korea as a special envoy last September for the 3rd Inter-Korean Summit.


While Zico starts the new year with a new agency and a solo career, the remaining 6 Block B members also continue to focus on their individual activities after having re-signed with Seven Seasons.

Source: Sports Seoul
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