Zico Becomes First Artist Of His New Entertainment Company

“It looks like Zico will be the first artist to sign with us.”

Former Block B member and rapper Zico has announced the establishment of his own entertainment company, KOZ Entertainment, and is starting afresh.


Sources have previously hinted that Zico had established his own agency and as it turns out, it was true!

Zico Allegedly Established His Own Entertainment Agency


On January 11, Zico shared a post on his Instagram stating that he has established a company and that he will begin the 2nd chapter of his life starting from the new year.

I established a company. I will officially begin my 2nd chapter from 2019.

ㅡ Zico


He added that the first artist that will sign with the company will most likely be Zico himself.

It looks like Zico will be the first artist to sign with us.

ㅡ Zico


KOZ is an abbreviation of “King of the Zungle”, which signifies his efforts to maintain the top position in the world of music, which is much like the jungle. It was also the title of his world tour concert.


Fans have been congratulating him on his new achievement with some hoping that they could be a part of it!

  • “Congratulations!!! Oppa fighting”
  • “Congrats for your new agency oppa…by the way can I apply for a job as a staff?”
  • “Can I audition for your company ceo-nim?”
  • “Let me see where did I leave my resume…”
  • “President Woo fighting!!”
  • “Congratulations on your new company! ZICO Fighting!”
Source: MK Sports