Zico And iKON’s B.I Makes Surprise Feature On Popular American Drama NCIS

The writers are definite K-Pop fans.

NCIS, one of the longest running and more popular crime drama series in America, just made a special shoutout to Zico and iKON‘s B.I!


In the recent episode, Special Agent Gibbs is in the middle of investigating a new type of drug, called Tri-Shots.


One of the cast members begins talking about the drug, while the other claims that they don’t do drugs because Zico and B.I are her vice instead.


Agent Gibbs is clearly lost on who they are, to which they respond that it’s “K-hip hop“.


Still lost, Agent Gibbs is deemed “tragic” that he doesn’t know two of the hottest artists in K-hip hop!


This isn’t the first time NCIS made a special shout out to hot K-Pop artists. NCT Dream made a special feature before, proving that the writers of the show are definitely K-Pop fans!


Which hot K-Pop artist will be the next call out on NCIS?


Take a look at the fun shoutout below: