Zico responds to rumors that he’s dating Sulli

ZICO has officially responded to the rumors surrounding his and Sulli‘s relationship.

On March 16, Dispatch released paparazzi photos of Sulli enjoying a night out in Itaewon, on Valentine’s Day with an unidentified man. Many speculated that the unidentified man was G-Dragon, especially with recent rumors that the two were dating.

However, others began suspecting that the unidentified man was Block B‘s Zico, but those rumors have quickly been shut down. According to Zico’s agency, Seven Seasons, they were bombarded with multiple phone calls from news sources and media outlets all night, where they denied that these rumors were true.

On March 17, a Seven Seasons insider officially announced that the man in those valentine’s paparazzi shots was not ZICO, and that he was quite shocked to have involved in such a rumor.

“The man in the photos is not ZICO. I think people might have mistaken him for ZICO just by his physical appearance. ZICO says he is ‘Puzzled.'”

— Insider at Seven Seasons

Reports stated that the men in the photos were simply Sulli’s close friends from the fashion industry, and were not celebrities.

Source: Star News