Zico Addresses Rumors About His Involvement in Seungri and Jung Joon Young’s Chatroom

He strongly denied the rumors.

Footage from MBC’s Radio Star in 2016 featuring ZICO and Jung Joon Young has been receiving renewed attention in light of Joon Young and Seungri‘s ongoing scandal, causing some to be suspicious that ZICO is involved in the whole thing.

In the clip, ZICO revealed that Jung Joon Young had a secret “golden phone” that he only used for KakaoTalk, and when Jung Joon Young said that Zico would suddenly come over and ask where his phone is, netizens were convinced that that phone was used to share secret footages in the chatroom and that Zico was also a part of the scandal.

In response to these rumors, Zico asserted that the “golden phone” he referred to had nothing to do with this case in a recent Instagram live post. Here is his statement:

The phone that I mentioned on the show had nothing to do with this unfortunate case. All I saw on that phone was a list of phone numbers, and I haven’t contacted Jung Joon Young on a personal level in a very long time. Please don’t make any rash assumptions, and regarding the malicious comments and spreading of false information, I will take strong actions against them.

Source: Naver News