Zico’s Past Remarks Resurface In Light Of Block B Park Kyung’s Bullying Controversy

They’re known to be best friends.

In light of Block B‘s Park Kyung‘s confession and apology regarding his bullying controversy, a past remark made by Zico, who is a former Block B member and a close friend of Park Kyung, resurfaced online.

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In a past broadcast, Park Kyung once confessed that he thought the group of friends Zico was in looked cool back when they were in school.

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Park Kyung shared,

When I was in grade 6, I was a hardworking student who studied all the time. At the time, I thought Zico’s group of friends looked cool, so I asked if I could join them and offered to go to class for them instead.

— Park Kyung

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And in a 2016 episode of tvN‘s Problematic Men, Park Kyung was one of the hosts and Zico as well as other Block B members appeared as guests.

On the show, Zico talked about having been Park Kyung’s classmate in elementary school.

Park Kyung hung around all over school while I hung out at the back gates of the school. Kyung was really smart, but I was much more popular.

— Zico

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Furthermore, in a 2015 episode of KBS‘s A Song For You, Park Kyung claimed,

From what I remember, Zico lived a proper life and went towards his dreams since middle school. But before that is a bit…

— Park Kyung

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Ahead of this, Park Kyung admitted to having been a bully in elementary school after a netizen exposed him in an online post.

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