7 Pictures That Suggest TWICE Has Found The Best Professional Photographer In Jeongyeon

She really knows her way around a camera!

TWICE is known to be a group full of talented girls, and it seems to be in more ways that we knew of!

Jeongyeon is known to be the “mom” of the group, and now also seems to have the title of TWICE’s resident photographer! She’s always taking great pictures of her fellow members, and lately, has been showcasing her golden touch with photography more and more!

Check out these 7 pictures that stand testimony to Jeongyeon’s great skills!

1. Dahyun

2. Sana

3. Chaeyoung

4. Jihyo

5. Nayeon

6. Momo

7. Tzuyu


Bonus: Picture of Jeongyeon taken by Chaeyoung

What do you think of Jeongyeon’s photography skills?