ARMYs Prove They Are Super Talented With Amazing BTS Artwork

BTS and ARMYs have got some mad talent!

We all know how talented BTS is, but did you know ARMYs are quite talented as well? Posts on Twitter revealed amazing artwork and fan art done by ARMYs, revealing their crazy good skills.


This fan’s drawings almost seem like real magazine covers with how precise it is!





Here is a painting of Jungkook that looks just like a photo!




Even a rough sketch looks so professional.







A fan calls J-Hope the real-life version of an emoji and draws an amazing picture of him!




Another fan made illustrations for a custom calendar of BTS.



ARMYs talent is just endless!





The details on these pieces are just crazy!



This life-like photo looks like V could just pop out of the page.



BTS and ARMYs are truly family with their message of staying positive and loving oneself in everything that we do!