BTS’s Jin Did Absolutely Nothing But Be Himself And Fans Are Going Crazy

What is your choice?

BTS’s Jin is well known for his amazing visuals with his perfect nose, lips, and skin. His eyes will suck you in while his wide shoulders will make you want to stay in his arms forever. Recently, a post on an online community board with the title, “Are you a Jin Face Stan or a Jin Body Stan?” has fans going crazy because they can’t choose just one.






The post revealed various photos and clips of Jin’s amazing visuals and body and had fans take their pick for what they thought was better.




The original poster of the thread posted these photos saying that these images will help fans in finding out if they were more for Jin’s face or body.




However, fans’ responses to the post are saying that this did not help them in choose a side because Jin was just too perfect in both face and body.




What is your choice?











Fans that ultimately made their decision for one side ended up leaving comments saying that it felt like a crime not choosing the other because Jin was just that flawless.