[★TRENDING] Dispatch Followed This Idol For Years For A Scandal, But Were Forced To Give Up

Girls’ Generation‘s Seohyun has never been involved in a scandal during her career.

In fact, fans claim that her life is so drama-free that even Dispatch has given up trying to find a scoop on her.

An anecdote between her and Yoona perfectly explains just how innocent her personality is.

“Yoona saw Seohyun listening to music on her mp3 player, and wanted to know what she was listening to.

But it turned out to be an OST from a children’s cartoon.”

After following her for an endless period of time they spotted Seohyun alone in a cafe.

They even held a stake out, but all the photos they were able to get was her reading at the cafe.

She really is an idol with no scandal!