Here’s How 6 Idols Dealt With Moving Fans To The Next Seat During Fan Meetings

They are creative in finding ways to bring fans over to their seat.

Idol group fan meetings are known to be very rushed, allowing fans only a certain amount of time with each fan before moving on to the next person. Although this can be quite stressful for the fans, some idols have gone out of their way to get the next fan moving to their spot.



1. A.C.E’s Jun

This is Jun‘s here’s your seat right here pose.




The come right this way pose.




The Reel ’em in pose




The Yes I have Succeeded look.






2. April’s Naeun

Here’s Naeun using her cute bunny hat to get the next fan to come to her seat. Otherwise known as the you’re really not going to move even though I’m an angry bunny pose.






3. Oh My Girls’ Seunghee

Here is Seunghee belting out ‘Come this way~~~’ to the next fan in line.






4. BTOB’s Minhyuk

This is Minhyuk‘s grabs hand and brings fan over pose.






5. BTS’s V

Here is V‘s countdown to try and bring the fan over to his seat.






6. BTS’s Jimin

This is Jimin‘s please I’m begging you to come over pose.




Regardless of how they bring their fan over to their seat, they sure are cute and creative when it comes to how they do it!

Source: theqoo