Here’s 20 Photos Of BTS Being Sleeping Beauties

Take a look at these sweet little babies.

We know just how charismatic and stunning BTS can be on stage and in the spotlight, but once off stage, they’re human just like us! With their busy schedules it’s no surprise that they will take any chance to take a quick nap. How is it that they can look so perfect even while sleeping? Let’s take a look at these seven sleeping beauties!


1. Sleeping Beauties Group Shot Part 1

2. Sleeping Beauties Group Shot Part 2

3. Prince Charming V In his natural habitat.

4. Jungkook and Jin are totally knocked out.

5. Adorable sleeping moment of the younger members.

6. Taegook looking like angels while sleeping.

7. J-Hope and V holding hands while sleeping.

8. Sleeping in suits

9. Jungkook sleeping even with his glasses on.

10. V looking flawless while in a deep sleep.

11. Cuties sleeping while sitting up.

12. Golden maknae Jungkook in his own dream world.

13. Jimin sleeping with a side of Jungkook

14. Leader RM passed out

15. J-Hope sleeping on top of the couch is a whole mood.

16. Taegook Part 2

17. Worldwide handsome Jin looking beautiful.

18. Jungkook cuddled with his pillow.

19. RM looking fierce even with his face covered.

20. Oldest Jin falling asleep anywhere and everywhere.

Could you sleep in any of these positions?