Irene Looks Like A Living Doll In These Pictures From Red Velvet’s Fansign

She looks like a doll, but her beauty can’t be bought.

Irene is gorgeous all the time, but at Red Velvet‘s most recent fansign she looked just like a doll.

Irene_190630 fansign_1 Irene_190630 fansign_2

With the ribbon on her high ponytail, see-through bangs, and rosy blushed cheeks she gave porcelain dolls everywhere a run for their money.

Irene_190630 fansign_3 Irene_190630 fansign_4

As Red Velvet’s leader and visual, Irene’s beauty is undeniable.

Irene_190630 fansign_5

Irene_190630 fansign_6

This baby doll look will definitely be stamped on Reveluv’s hearts forever.

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