NCT’s Chenle Rumored To Come From A Surprising Family

NCT Dream’s Chenle may be part of a billionaire family according to these photos of his past that recently surfaced.

Fans are claiming Chenle’s grandfather is one of China’s Top 20 entrepreneurs and are sharing pictures of Chenle when he was a rising star in China. His family’s business may remain a mystery, but the records of his pre-debut years are nowhere near ordinary.

These photos are why fans are claiming Chenle comes from a wealthy family. 

This fancy resort spa have led many to believe his family may have money.
Traveling in style may also indicate that his family was well off.

Photos of Chenle traveling the world and singing in different languages are just some evidence fans are have claimed to show his wealth. The young idol also had excellent education growing up, which may only have been possible due to family money.

He has also performed at prestigious events such as the Vienna New Year’s Concert, regarded as one of the most highly acclaimed classical concerts in the world.

No, that’s not a Drama still. That’s Chenle!
Who would have thought that Chenle was born ready?

Chenle who is now 15, was only a trainee for 3 months and has already become incredibly popular due to his music talents. The young SM Entertainment Idol also has a genuine talent for modeling and fashion!

Could easily be a fashion icon.

It looks like the list of idols born into wealthy families has a new member!

Fashion and travel are signs we grew up in a family who could support him well, and he owned this selfie, even back then!

Also, check out this too-sweet video featuring Chenle singing prior to his debut: