NCT’s Doyoung, Jaehyun, and Taeyong Are Kings Of LA In This New Photoshoot With Dispatch

They may represent Seoul, but NCT 127 runs LA.

NCT 127 were in LA for their NEO CITY: The Origin world tour, and of course they couldn’t leave LA before completely taking over L.A. Live. Dispatch and Naver teamed up to photograph Doyoung, Jaehyun, and Taeyong making LA their oyster.




Jaehyun looked more regal than the Regal Cinemas he posed in front of, richer than the ATM, and he let out his inner bad boy by stopping in front of a “No Stopping” sign. We stan a rebellious king!

nct_dispatch_taeyong_1 nct_dispatch_taeyong_5 nct_dispatch_taeyong_8

If it we were dehydrated and had to choose between Taeyong and the “ice cold” Cokes he was posing in front of, we’d definitely choose Taeyong.

nct_dispatch_doyoung_8 nct_dispatch_doyoung_4 nct_dispatch_doyoung_5

Who needs traffic lights when Doyoung can stop traffic with his presence? It’s a miracle no accidents were caused during this photoshoot. All three members shined individually, but together they were downright “SUPERHUMAN”.

nct_dispatch_dojaetae_1 nct_dispatch_dojaetae_2 nct_dispatch_dojaetae_5

See the behind-the-scenes footage below:


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