BTS’ V Is Hot And Dangerous In The Latest ArmyZip Teaser

He could kill you with one glance.

Big Hit Entertainment just released this year’s ArmyZip teaser, exclusive content for official fanclub members!

Multiple BTS-related key words began trending worldwide and ARMY’s around the globe immediately started freaking out.

ARMY’s found it hilarious how although BTS is on a break, the fandom is not lacking for content.

They also wondered if Big Hit was teasing the “superhero” theme all along.

Among all the members, it was V whom people couldn’t get enough of.

They found his “mafia” look both hot and dangerous.

It contrasted greatly with his usual image.

He could get away with almost anything with this look.

Either way, ARMY’s can’t wait until the entire ArmyZip is made available on October!