YG Entertainment’s Top 10 Most Handsome K-Pop Idols, Ranked

It’s time to crown YG’s visual king.

Thousands of K-Pop fans voted for YG Entertainment‘s most beautiful female idol. Now, it’s time to crown the king! Who is the most handsome YG Entertainment idol of all? You voted. These are the results.

10. Yoon Jaehyuk (TREASURE)

Yoon Jaehyuk is the first TREASURE member to make the list, but certainly not the last! With 152 votes (3%), he takes the 10th spot.

9. Jihoon (TREASURE)

With just a one-vote lead over his fellow member, Jihoon comes in 9th with 153 votes (3%).

8. Park Jeongwoo (TREASURE)

What’s this? Another handsome TREASURE member? Totally understandable (and deserved). Park Jeongwoo scored 3% of the vote (171 votes).

7. So Junghwan (TREASURE)

With 224 votes (4%), So Junghwan takes the 7th spot on this list.

6. Yoshi (TREASURE)

Coming in hot is the one and only Yoshi with 5% of the vote (271 votes).

5. Taeyang (BIGBANG)

V.I.Ps weren’t about to let this 2nd-gen K-Pop king go unrecognized for his gorgeous visuals! Taeyang comes in 5th with 5% of the vote (280 votes).

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4. Asahi (TREASURE)

We’re back in TREASURE land! With 359 votes (7%), Asahi takes 4th place.

3. Jinu (WINNER)

Like V.I.P and Teume, Inner Circle banded together to vote in their top pick! Jinu takes 3rd place with 8% of the vote (422 votes).

2. Haruto (TREASURE)

For the second and top spots, it was TREASURE vs TREASURE. Haruto scored an impressive 24% of the vote (1,305 votes).

1. Junkyu (TREASURE)

The people have spoken! According to voters, Junkyu is YG Entertainment’s most handsome male idol. He earned 27% of the vote (1,443 votes). Congrats, Junkyu!

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