YG Entertainment’s Top 10 Most Beautiful Idols, Ranked

It’s time to crown YG’s beauty queen.

Just over a dozen active female artists are under the YG Entertainment umbrella (including the pre-debut group BABYMONSTER). All of these idols are as stunning as they are talented, but who is “The Most Beautiful YG Entertainment Idol” of all? You voted. These are the results!


Asa is the first BABYMONSTER member to enter the top 10. She earned 62 votes (1%).

9. Pharita (BABYMONSTER)

With 1% of the votes (74), Pharita takes ninth place.

8. Lee Suhyun (AKMU)

Lee Suhyun, one half of the brother-sister duo AKMU, scored 100 votes (1%).

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With 2% of the votes (130 votes), Ahyeon takes the seventh spot on this list.


With 2% of the votes (130 votes), Ruka is the fourth and final BABYMONSTER member to rank in the top 10.


Rosé is the first BLACKPINK member to enter the top 10, but not the last! She takes fifth place with 788 votes (10%). 

4. Jeon Somi

There’s no doubt that Jeon Somi is one of the most gorgeous soloists around. Her face card never declines! She racked up 13% of the votes (1,045 votes).

3. Jennie (BLACKPINK)

Jennie is the second BLACKPINK member in the top 5, having racked up 14% of the votes (1,129 votes).


The queen of Crazy Horse Paris takes the #2 spot with 1,640 votes (21%), and it’s easy to see why!

1. Jisoo (BLACKPINK)

With a whopping 34% of the votes (2,689 votes), Jisoo takes first place. According to voters, this timeless beauty is the most beautiful YG Entertainment idol.


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