BoA Reenacts Iconic Fashion From “Atlantis Princess” In A Selfie After 17 Years

The queen never ages.

“Atlantis Princess” is one of BoA‘s most iconic and popular songs, that is still frequently covered by junior artists even today! Although the song was released 17 years ago in 2003, it is one that never gets old. Recently, BoA reenacted the song and look on her personal Instagram!

BoA performing “Atlantis Princess” back then. | CCTV3

In a video post, BoA seems to have been preparing her hair and makeup for something, and is seen with the retro goggles perched atop her head, just like she had back in 2003. She even sang the chorus line for fans!

Why is it ~ that only now ~ (lyrics) Goggles are meant to be worn atop the head!

— BoA

The ski-goggles as an accessory returned to K-Pop recently, with many choosing to sport the item in photoshoots, such as NCT‘s Mark Lee below during a teaser concept image for the song, “Sit Down”.

| SM Entertainment

Many fans have praised BoA for being as cute as she was back then and for never ageing! While it was not yet revealed what BoA was wearing these goggles for, fans’ expectations have been raised seeing the behind-the-stage clip! Stay tuned.