5 Moments You May Have Forgotten From BTS

Happy 7th Anniversary to the boys of BTS!

BTS debuted 7 years ago on the 13th of June with the album, 2 Cool 4 Skool. They have come a long way since their days of basketball shorts, heavy chains and snapbacks. Seeing as they’ve traded in their school uniforms for snazzy suits, we thought we’d bring back 5 iconic moments from their debut days in case you miss their fresh-faced years.

1. The hilarious moments on “American Hustle Life” where they tried to interact with girls.

As part of their training with hiphop masters Coolio and Warren G, the boys had to travel to America as a group. In a foreign environment, the boys did their best although it made for some hilariously awkward moments.

As part of their training for music video filming, the boys had to learn how to act on screen with female models. Being unfamiliar with it at the point of time, the boys awkwardness around the models made for lots of laughs for the viewers.

2. The legendary elevator prank.

As part of their reality show, “Rookie King”, the boys were pranked by the crew with a hidden camera, as they had to react to a sobbing lady in an elevator. The members of BTS had varied reactions, from awkwardly zoning out…

…to being an absolute gentleman,

or simply being caught out unaware!


3. When Suga mistakenly wore Jungkook’s underwear and couldn’t return it.

The Golden Maknae lost his pair around the dorm and it turns out that Suga was the one wearing it! However, when he had wanted to return it, he realized something.

4. When RM Destroys Everything

Although this isn’t exclusive to his debut days, the adorable leader’s habit of breaking things never fails to amuse. Here’s some moments from earlier times.

When all he wanted was just a sip of water.

Even while playing a game.

The iconic breaking of sunglasses.

5. Their letter to Army during a birthday party in 2013.

Back then, the boys made promises to fans to work hard to make them proud and to always grow and develop as artists. Even if you may have watched their speeches 7 years ago, get the tissue ready as you take the trip down memory lane with the boys.