7 Times Where BTS Was Funnier Than Comedians

Stan Kings.

BTS is known for their unparalleled performance skills, producing, singing and dancing talent, but they also manage to capture the hearts of fans with their effervescent personality that shines through best in reality and variety shows, as well as their daily lives. Here are 7 moments as recommended by Twitter user, mollajoon, where they could’ve ended the careers of professional comedians.

1. When Jimin made his bicycle eat grass.

On an episode of “Bon Voyage”, Jimin and V went out together to enjoy some fresh air and exercise. V mounted a horse, while Jimin took the path using his bicycle. As the horse stopped for some noms, Jimin must’ve felt a little lonely without an animal companion, and hilariously let his ride eat some grass as well. While the bicycle may not have gotten its fill, I’m sure Armys watching would’ve laughed until their bellies hurt!

2. When J-Hope tried his best to answer an English question but still failed.

During an interview with an American press outlet, the boys were taking turns to read out questions and answer them. Being the great leader he is, RM tried to take a step back to let his fellow members have a hand at the language. As Jin read out the question, “What do you like to eat in other countries, that you can’t get back home?” J-Hope did not hesitate for a single second as he answered, “I love kimchi fried rice”, much to RM’s exasperation!

3. When RM tried to write on a blackboard with a whiteboard marker.

This one is pretty self-explanatory, but the boys’ reactions to their clumsy leader is everything. While Suga hurriedly tried to stop him, Jin simply sat there and smirked, like he knew something like this would happen. Jimin even questioned if RM had gone to school before.

4. Smooth moves, Jin.

Who else could be this smooth while tripping, other than our Worldwide Handsome, Mr. Kim Seokjin himself? While tripping over a step, he was quick to praise himself saying it was a cool b-boy move.

5. King of pull-ups.

It was going pretty well, and we were quite impressed by the display of upper arm strength, that is, until the camera panned down to his feet. He gets 10 points for the funny though!

6. Sweet potatoes that defy gravity.

Perhaps RM isn’t the only one that is abysmal at cooking – maknae Jungkook seems to be unable to hold his own in the kitchen as well. Have we finally found the one flaw this golden maknae has?

7.  When Jin hung up on Jungkook for saying his live was better.

During a solo live broadcast by Jin, he had put in a call to the maknae, only to be greeted with betrayal. Jungkook took the opportunity to ask Armys, if his live was better or Jin’s. Jin was not having it however, and hung up immediately!

If these seven moments aren’t enough to convince you to join the fandom, check out their hilarity in its full glory through their reality shows, “Run BTS“, or “BTS : Bon Voyage“. You’re sure to be in for a treat.