BTS’s J-Hope Once Revealed He “Clicked ‘Like’ A Lot” For A Beautiful Social Media Star

He had the cutest reaction when he saw her!

BTS’s J-Hope once revealed his knowledge of a gorgeous social media sensation who went viral for her fit physique.

Shim Euddeum, nicknamed “Gangnam Apple Girl,” is a pilates instructor and social media star.

Her gorgeous visuals and toned body made her a hot topic on social media.

On an episode of Star King, she emerged holding an apple to give to a lucky guest.

The audience was left in awe seeing her in real life.

The MC then explained who she was and her social media status.


J-Hope excitedly revealed he already knew her and “liked” her a lot on social media.


His adorable reaction when she emerged was priceless!

Watch the full moment below!