BTS’s Jungkook Once Tripped At An Award Show…And What He Did Next Will Warm Your Heart

This is why everyone loves him.

BTS’s Jungkook once caught himself in a slightly embarrassing situation — but wait until you see what he did next.

During the 2019 Melon Music Awards, it was time for BTS to take their seats in the audience.

However, Jungkook’s lapse of attention caused him to miss the step at his feet…and he goes for a tumble.

After his adorably embarrassing moment, RM ushered him to his seat with a pat on his side.

However, Jungkook then noticed the staff member appear to fix the step. Jin got up to help as well while Jimin and J-Hope lean forward, ready to offer their help.

Jungkook helped the staff reconnect the fallen piping by holding it steady.

He continues to offer his help, making sure it’s properly placed until the end!

Jungkook is humble enough to trip over a ledge and then get on the ground to fix it — and that’s what makes him so loveable!

Watch the full adorable moment below!