Kang Daniel Once Revealed BTS’s Suga Doesn’t Get Out Much

To everyone who enjoys being a homebody: We are right there with you.

BTS‘s Suga and Kang Daniel have a much closer relationship than just sharing charming gummy smiles.

The two are actually quite fond of each other, and have hinted towards their friendship on numerous occasions.

Daniel first got close to Suga when he received a call from him around the time of his debut, asking to become friends.

He shared that he was incredibly thankful for the opportunity, but the two have since grown even closer.

On It’s Dangerous Beyond The Blanket, Daniel discussed the qualities of “homebodies” with the other guests, where Suga’s name popped up again.

The guys discussed how they all enjoy staying home so much, it’s hard to get to know others who enjoy the same thing. Since, you know, they’re all at home.

Daniel, however, was able to reveal that Suga is quite introverted as well, and enjoys spending much of his time at home…

…However, this can be incredibly difficult with his schedule as a global star, and he’s often too busy to simply relax as he pleases.

This reminds us of the hilarious statement Suga made years ago, where he said he wished to be reborn as a stone in his next life, due to his desire to not spend energy and simply be. 

Suga works hard, so he’s definitely earned some relaxation time.

We hope that his wishes come true and he can relax all he wants at some point in the future!