Fans Can’t Get Over How Cute BTS’s V Was When He Was Sulky After A Concert

Hearts melting…

Fans are going absolutely nuts over BTS‘s V‘s cute reaction after the end of their concert. In a post-concert clip, the members were asked about their thoughts of the end of the concert. Fans noticed that V immediately looked a little sulky.

The reason for his pout was revealed soon after. It turns out that he had specially put on contact lenses for that concert!

V tried to show off his contact lenses to the camera, as they were odd-eye! He had put on one brown lens and one greenish grey lens specially for the stage.

However, as the colors weren’t too obviously different from each other, it turns out that barely anyone had noticed!

V got a little sulky that his efforts had been ignored. He was really proud of his lenses that day, it seems.

A staff proceeded to ask him if anyone had noticed it, to which he sadly shook his head. On the up side, when asked if the concert was fun, he nodded immediately! Oh, to be this adorable.

Armys found the moment absolutely adorable! His teddy bear personality really shone through in his little reactions.

Did you manage to catch this cute scene? Meanwhile, BTS has just released its second round of teasers for their new song, “Dynamite”, to drop officially on the 21st of August! Watch this space!

Source: theqoo