GOT7’s BamBam Was Almost Named Something Really Weird By His Father…And We’re Thankful It Didn’t Happen

It would be really strange for fans to refer to him as this.

Thankfully, we know GOT7’s BamBam by this name because according to him, it could have been much worse.

He once admitted to the weird origins of his and his siblings’ names that stemmed from his father’s interests.

My oldest brother has a nickname. His short name is “Beer.”

— BamBam

BamBam explains his dad’s thinking process when it came to naming his first child.

My dad loved beer, man. [He thought] ‘For my first child, my favorite thing is beer. So I’ll name him after that.’

— BamBam

He then explains how his dad loved alcohol so much, he was willing to name all his kids after different types of alcohol.

I almost became ‘Whiskey!’

— BamBam

BamBam said instead after his mother intervened, he was named after something else.

There’s a comic. An American comic my grandma likes. Flintstones, you know?

— BamBam

This name is not only an ode to his grandmother, but it also represents someone who is small but strong— which seems like the perfect name for baby BamBam!

Either way, we’re glad to know him as GOT7’s BamBam instead of GOT7’s Whiskey!

Watch his full explanation of his siblings’ names below.