iKON Reveals A Secret About Junhoe’s Past And It Will Make Fans Cringe

Jinhwan tried to stop him, but Junhoe just wouldn’t listen.

The boys of iKON are definitely not afraid to speak their minds about each other, especially upon revealing one of Junhoe‘s secrets to fans.

When deciding which of his secrets to confess, they realize there are so many to choose from! Wow, guys. Care to fill us in?

Yunhyeong states something all of the boys instantly agree on…

Junhoe was a total fashionista, but not in the chic way you might think.

His mismatching fashion was all the rage. He’d wear a green snapback…

…followed by a red necklace and purple t-shirt…

…and really pull it all together with a red pair of shorts!

They can’t forget his high, gray socks in the style that older men wear. Pair that with some brown dress shoes and Junhoe was ready for the day.

The funniest part of all of this is Junhoe’s own attitude towards his fashion sense at the time: He really thought he was a trendsetter.

The bubbling laughter from the boys still makes Junhoe a little upset, enough to interrupt them and let them know.

Jinhwan tried to help Junhoe during his “fashionista” phase, but he just wouldn’t take his advice.

Junhoe didn’t want anyone to take away his individuality and he enjoyed dressing in his own unique way. You go, Junhoe!


Looking back, Junhoe now knows his decisions were a bit regrettable, even though he really liked it at the time. His rainbow head-to-toe look will forever be engraved in the minds of fans, though.