Actresses Son Ye Jin And Jun Ji Hyun In Their Prime – Here’s Why They’re The Golden Standard For Beauty In Korea

Their beauty can blow any one away.

If you’re a regular on reaction articles, you’d be familiar with the fact that K-Netizens often throw around the names Jun Ji Hyun, Son Ye Jin and Kim Tae Hee when it comes to beauty. Perhaps if you’re of the younger generations, you would not be puzzled at why this was so, but these photos from the prime days of Jun Ji Hyun and Son Ye Jin may change your mind.

1. Her role in “A Man Who Was Superman”

Jun Ji Hyun’s most famous photo from when she was younger is undoubtedly this one. It is one of the only times she had front bangs in her entire career, projecting a softer and more innocent image. Up to now, this image of her is still frequently being used as profile photos on social media or being reposted as “aesthetics”.

Absolutely legendary.

2. Her iconic move, “My Sassy Girl”

The franchise was so popular there was even a remake later on, “My Sassy Girl 2” starring Victoria of f(x). This is known as one of her most popular roles to date, the one that truly catapulted her to stardom.

She looks almost exactly like how trendy it-girls of the current generation do!

3. As a kick-ass police officer in “Windstruck”

Jun Ji Hyun was popular in this movie as she played the role of a badass female police officer than singlehandedly defeated a mob all while handcuffed to her future boyfriend.

She somehow managed to look both sweet and innocent, as well as fierce. The movie became 2004’s highest grossing film in South Korea.

Son Ye Jin on the other hand, is known currently for her successful drama, Crash Landing On You, as an heiress that falls in love with a North Korean soldier. The success of her latest dramas, including the aforementioned as well as Netflix‘s Something in the Rain revved her career up again, positioning her for her second prime.

However, for those that are interested in her earlier works, here’s some where she looked the very epitome of innocent beauty.

1. A girl given a second chance at life in “Summer Scent”

Summer Scent is always one of Son Ye Jin’s most talked about roles when it comes to discussing her peak beauty, and we can clearly see why. It aired in 2003, when she was a mere 21 years old.

Playing the role of a sickly patient that receives a heart donation, her character later falls in love with the donor’s ex-boyfriend.

2. Bright-eyed and hopeful in “The Classic”

The Classic remains one of the classics for old K-Dramas, as it tells the tale of a young daughter who discovers her mother’s heartbreaking love story through a series of letters and flashbacks.

Both the mother and daughter are played by Son Ye Jin, so for those interested to see how she manages a dual role, the movie will be a treat. Her visuals are also easy on the eyes, of course.

3. Her controversial role in “April Snow”

The movie made headlines for being just a touch racy – by 2005 standards anyway, given that it included a bed scene. Two star-crossed lovers are played respectively by Son Ye Jin and Hallyu star, Bae Yong Jun.

This crying scene of Son Ye Jin in the car is iconic even up to today, as many try to recreate the look of melancholic innocence.

Netizens often try to choose between the two, but end up unable to do so.

The final verdict? Both are incredibly beautiful actresses in their own right.

In other news, Son Ye Jin’s Crash Landing On You made headlines as the third highest rated cable television drama in all of history, while My Love From The Star saw Jun Ji Hyun winning the Daesang (grand prize) at the Baeksang Awards for her acting that year.

Source: instiz