Kang Daniel and AB6IX’s Woojin Once Revealed They Had Terrifying Sleep Paralysis Experiences…And It Will Give You Goosebumps

The creepy details are chilling.

Kang Daniel and AB6IX‘s Woojin (both formerly of Wanna One) both experienced paranormal encounters for the first time on the same night while touring abroad in America…and the haunting details will give you chills.

Woojin described the hotel’s creepy atmosphere as looking like it came straight out of a horror movie. His room was the very last one at the end of the hallway, which made going to bed even scarier.

As he was trying to fall asleep, he realized the door was slowly opening. A big blonde man suddenly appeared in his room.

What’s going on? Why is the door opening? Why is that man coming out?

— Woojin

Woojin suddenly woke up and realized he had been dreaming. He shifted his eyes to the door and thankfully it was closed, but the moment he tried to move, he realized he was frozen.

Sleeping with his arm up over his head, he could see a shadow on his arm and all he wanted to do was see what was causing it, but he still couldn’t move an inch.

He tried to see what was causing it, but by the time he moved his arm, the shadow was gone.

To get up, I turned my body. When I turned it the other way, I saw the shadow move past me.

— Woojin

Woojin eventually realized there was a cemetery next to the hotel, which made the whole situation even creepier.

Daniel also had a paranormal experience after returning to his hotel room.

Room service arrived, so I ate the food without much thought. Then I realized I didn’t order it.

— Daniel

The food was on the floor, despite normally arriving on a cart. The next day Daniel asked the manager if he ordered the room service for him, and the manager said he did no such thing.

Daniel then realized that since it was on the floor, perhaps it was just another member’s leftovers. The others erupted in laughter at Daniel’s realization.

What do you think of Woojin and Daniel’s experiences? Is it all in their head or was something really going on in that creepy hotel?

Listen to the full versions of their haunting stories below!