5 Comparisons That Will Blow Your Mind When You Realize KARD’s Somin Was Originally From APRIL

We almost couldn’t recognize her.

For those of you new to K-pop, KARD‘s Somin originally debuted as part of APRIL and left the group eventually in 2015. It came as a shock as she was the leader of the group, but many were not surprised given that she had a few years on the rest of the members, despite how youthful she looked. Later on, Chaekyung was called in to join the group after a successful run on Produce 101 and Somin was given the opportunity to re-debut in KARD.

Due to the huge change in vibe and concept, many may not recognize Somin in APRIL’s early music videos and content. Here are 5 comparisons where we really think the difference shines through.

1. Alps girl vs. Girl boss

The debut theme for APRIL was cheerful alps girls, so the girls were dressed in corseted tops and white puffy sleeves, along with rosy cheeks and innocent smiles.

This is a huge contrast to Somin’s look in KARD with her fierce gaze and all black pantsuit. The two look almost like different people!

2. The epitome of innocent girl group vs. Sexy charisma

While she clearly rocks both looks, APRIL’s initial concept at debut was modelled after the tried-and-tested route K-pop girl groups often go through at their early stages, the all white, wide-eyed innocent concept. Even Apink, who is often named as a role model for such girl groups, went through that phase with “I Don’t Know”. KARD on the other hand, as a mixed-gender group, was more flexible and Somin rocked the girl crush concept hard.


3. From a girl to a lady

Somin’s growth is really prevalent when we compare her early debut days with APRIL to her full-package performances with KARD. She has really grown into a multi-entertainer, rocking us with her vocals, dance and of course, visuals.


4. “Soft” choreography vs. hard-hitting ones

We’re not going to lie – we’re here for Somin nailing the hard-hitting choreography KARD often performs. As a mixed-gender group, KARD has more flexibility with the types of performance they do, often bringing out the best of both worlds with sensual flow and power moves at different parts of their songs. APRIL’s focus was largely on appealing to the general public, hence the simpler moves that focused on bringing out the cutesy charms of the group, as befitting their young age.


5. She really said glow-up

Not that she wasn’t beautiful before, but Somin’s visuals really hit its peak with KARD. KARD’s concepts allowed her to bring out the goddess within as she was able to be done up in sultrier styles, compared to the no-makeup makeup look the girls of APRIL often rocked in their rookie days. The frilly dresses and ribbons probably didn’t help her case either.

She absolutely glows with bronzed foundation, highlights in all the right places, semi-smoky eyes and luxurious accessories.

Did you guys know that Somin was originally from APRIL? With both groups seeing success now, perhaps it was for the best that she made the decision to leave APRIL in 2015, so she could really spread her wings in the sun and soar higher. APRIL also saw a gradual change in concept to a more playful and mature one with “Oh! My Mistake” and “LALALILALA” as the girls slowly grew older. In the meantime, check out KARD’s music video for “RED MOON”.

Source: theqoo