If You Remember These 7 Things, You’re A Certified K-Pop Veteran

How long have you been in the game?

K-Pop fans nowadays have it good – from LYSN apps to live streams, the convenience of access and communication is a privilege most fans from the 2000s would not have had. Just how did fans get by back then?

If you’re a true blue K-Pop veteran, you will likely remember these 7 items.

1. UFO Town

Back when Dear. U Bubble or even menpas didn’t yet exist, how fans would communicate with their idols would be via UFO Town! UFO Town was a text message service where fans could send in a text message, and possibly receive replies via an online community. The text messages would be uploaded onto the community if a reply was given. SHINee and Girls’ Generation were one of the most active!

Example screenshot of SHINee Taemin’s response on UFO Twon. | SHINee Peru

2. Balloons instead of lightsticks

Back in the day, official lightsticks did not exist. Fans would be given out colored balloons to wave at concerts. It is said that this fan culture inspired TVXQ‘s song, “Balloons”. Although they weren’t as bright as lightsticks which run on batteries, they were enough to be seen in blocks of colors by fandom.

Signature fandom balloon for TVXQ. | PANN

3. Shindong’s Shimshimtapa

If you were a fan in the late 2000s to early 2010s, you’d know about this radio show! Almost all idols to ever exist would go on the show as a guest. International fans would download the SBS Gorealra app, back then only available in the Korean iTunes store. This means that fans would have to create new Apple IDs based in Korea just to download the app! The app could be used to stream and to post live messages on the board. Check out EXO‘s appearance on the show during their rookie days.

4. Me2Day

Back when Twitter was not widely used for K-Pop, a new app on the scene, Me2Day was launched. Again, the app was only available to the Korean audience, but that did not stop ardent international fans! The app was mostly used by APink to communicate with their fans. This was back in 2011, around where the first iPhones were released! Check out the outdated interface.

Apink’s message to fans on Me2day. | DC Gall

5. SHINee’s “Hello Baby”

Everyone knew about SHINee’s epic time on Hello Baby, even if you weren’t a Shawol! From the adorable Yoogeun, who was the 4 year old SHINee was tasked to take care of, to how we were basically watching kids take care of kids, SHINee’s season was undoubtedly the most epic. Other idols that featured on the show included Girls’ Generation and MBLAQ! Check out the first episode below.

6. The “Cabi” Song

Back in the early 2010s, Girls’ Generation and 2PM were at the height of popularity in South Korea. There was no one that didn’t know them. This resulted in them often being paired together for variety shows and CFs, including this epic one for Caribbean Bay, a water theme park. They even had a whole dance and song for it, called the “Cabi” song! Check out the addictive tune below, and not to mention the eye-candy!

7. “Star Dance Battle”

You can’t say you’re a veteran if you don’t remember these epic girl group dance battles that used to air yearly! From Miss A to Secret, to even IU, these dance battles were just about what every single K-Pop fan waited eagerly for! Check out what we think is one of the most legendary performances – Miss A performing to the soundtrack for Fame, the movie!

How long have you been in K-Pop for? Things have certainly changed by heaps along the way, but we’ll always be glad to look back and reminisce on the good ol’ days!