MAMAMOO Once Let Fans Design 8 Of Their Stage Outfits And The Results Were Iconic

Both MAMAMOO and their fans are amazing.

Both MAMAMOO and their beloved fans, MooMoo, are incredibly talented. To prove this, MAMAMOO let their fans design their stage outfits during “Um Oh Ah Yeh” era and the stylists actually created them. Here are 8 of their best looks, straight from the heart of a MooMoo and right to the stage!

1. This fan had the right idea of “pretty in plaid.”

Notice how each member’s concept fits their personality and style.

2. Can’t go wrong with classy navy blue and khaki!

The girls were given a fresh and fashion-forward look.

3. The idea of seasonal looks was so unique.

Each member had a different season that totally suited them, yet they still all blended together nicely!

4. Total nautical vibes.

These outfits are reminiscent of a windy summer day.

5. Preppymoo rise!

Anyone who likes fashion with a “school” vibe will appreciate these.

6. The sweetest girly-girls you’ll ever see.

These outfits brought out their feminine sides! 

7. Color scheme on point.

These ladies look too cool to approach.

8. “Overall,” these outfits are amazing!

Seriously, both MAMAMOO and MooMoos are killing it.