5 Times ‘NCT Night Night’ Touched Listeners’ Hearts

“Tomorrow will definitely be happier” – NCT’s Night Night

Before the boys of NCT127 took off on their world tour, Johnny, Jaehyun and Doyoung in particular were known for being the hosts of their own radio show, “NCT’s Night Night”. Although their last episode was in January last year, the show remains a precious and fond memory for many fans who relive the episodes through podcasts and recordings. Apart from trivia about themselves, inside jokes and brilliant song recommendations, the boys often gave golden advice to fans that wrote in. Here are 5 times they touched NCTzens hearts.

1. Doyoung’s heartfelt message to those in their last year of high school.

Doyoung wanted to tell young fans on the cusp of adulthood that “The society is not that scary and it can be good. There are that type of people that fear many things, such as “what should I do when I become an adult? I’m not yet prepared”, but you are still young enough that you don’t have to think of that, and I’d like you to know the world isn’t as dark as you think it is, so don’t worry.”

2. When a fan said that chasing idols became a huge part of her life…

The fan had related the happiness she received from being a fan of her idols to the color white, while everything else in her life was black. She also shared that she changed her outlook in the end after realizing that this was masking the small joys in life. Doyoung replied saying that while he relates to her emotions, he would love if fans were not only happy when they are looking at their idols, but hoped that the idols were only a part of their happiness. Jaehyun chimed in saying that they should all look at it as growing together.

3. On being self-confident.

While it is common human behavior to compare yourself to others, Doyoung advises that this only makes yourself feel small in comparison and to instead focus on the things you do well. Jaehyun and Johnny also emphasized the importance of being practical – rather than be envious of what others are good at, look at what you can do instead and consider what kind of person you are. “If there is an ideal you that you are holding in your mind, if you keep thinking about that, you’ll only be more disappointed in yourself.”

4. A comforting quote.

It’s not always all about advice on NCT’s Night Night! The boys took to giving out quotes to the listeners as well. Here is our favorite!


I hope today for you, was a day full of pleasant things like the full moon. I hope the night was brightened up by happiness in your heart. — Jaehyun

5. Shindong Middle School’s Jeong Jaehyun sunbaenim, I liked you.

Considered somewhat of a legend amongst fans now, Jaehyun received a confession from a listener during a live open session of the radio show. The listener who was present in the studio, confessed that she had a crush on Jaehyun in middle school, surprising Jaehyun who had no clue. He later thanked her and promised he would always remember her.

You can tune in to podcasts of the show on Apple Podcasts, if you miss it just as much as we do!