NU’EST’s Minhyun Once Revealed A TMI Story About Ha Sungwoon…And It May Haunt Both Of Them To This Day

Just when we thought these two couldn’t get any closer.

Ha Sungwoon and NU’EST‘s Minhyun (both formerly of Wanna One) once got a little too close for comfort and it doesn’t seem like they’ll be forgetting anytime soon.

Minhyun explained that when Wanna One all lived in a dorm together, their manager bought them all the same toothbrush in different colors.

When his toothbrush was wet one day after Sungwoon used the bathroom, he assumed that it was only wet because Sungwoon dropped it and washed it off. He must be a nice guy.

However, he noticed it was wet again the next day and asked Sungwoon if he knew the gray one was his.

Isn’t that mine?

— Sungwoon

As if that wasn’t disgusting enough, Minhyun reveals another TMI piece of information.

When I brush my tongue I use the tongue cleaner. But Sungwoon brushes his tongue [with the toothbrush] until he almost vomits.

— Minhyun

In the end, the two realized they shared a toothbrush for almost two days…

Just when we thought these two couldn’t get any closer!

Watch the full hilarious story below.