Park Jihoon Reveals BTS’ V and Jin Are His Gaming Buddies

Being a fanboy paid off.

Park Jihoon has always been vocal about his admiration for BTS’ V, even fanboying over him on various shows he’s appeared on like Happy Together…

…and taking it to the limit of doing impressions of him…

…but Jihoon once revealed he is close enough friends with V to even play games with him!

Jihoon reveals their friendship is strong enough that they have played video games together from time to time when their schedule allows them to.

Jihoon even confirmed that the two play on the same team, which allows them to continuously play together.

The two use headsets to communicate with one another as they play, alerting the other of the enemy’s attacks.

However, Jihoon says he hasn’t been able to play a lot with V recently due to V’s busy schedule, where he’s often abroad on tour. He’s says he’s reluctant to bother V when he’s busy.

Jihoon also revealed he has a similar bond with BTS’ Jin, too.

The two have also played games together before, which helped them grow a friendship.

Guanlin even revealed Jihoon is so into games, his room is similar to an internet cafe, a popular place in Korea for people to play games together. This just shows how passionate Jihoon is about games!

Jihoon’s unexpected gaming friendship with V and Jin is so precious, and we hope their schedules allow them to have more time to play together. Fans can only dream of an online gaming broadcast to witness their bond in action.