Red Velvet’s Irene Once Gave a Stone Cold Reaction To Super Junior’s Heechul

She’s a savage.

Irene is known for both her icy-chic beauty as well as her caring persona to both members and fans alike. ReveLuvs often call her the “mom” of the group. While she is often seen smiling to her fellow colleagues on camera, there was once instance where she reacted with a completely cold expression to Super Junior‘s Heechul.

It is a well-known trivia about Irene that she often takes charge of household chores in the dorm, and that she enjoys ironing. She was even seen lovingly ironing maknae Yeri‘s school uniform.

However, it has come to a point where the idol often receives questions about it on just about every variety show. On episode 216 of “Weekly Idol“, the hosts asked Irene to demonstrate her ironing skills on a shirt.

On an episode of “Knowing Bros” that featured label-mate Heechul of Super Junior, Irene shared that she often ironed her dad’s shirts when she was younger.

Upon hearing that, the veteran idol jokingly took off his outer shirt and threw it at her, asking her to iron it.

Irene immediately gave him a cold reaction and a glare, to which he collected the shirt and scuttled away in fear, causing fellow hosts to ask if Irene had by any chance, got something on him for him to have such a reaction.   

He later explained that he was unable to act in a mean way, even jokingly, to a kind hoobae like Irene.

The two of course, are actually close friends in real life, and Heechul is known for being close to many of his fellow colleagues as he takes care of them well.

You can watch the full show with english subtitles here!