Red Velvet’s Wendy Reveals The Extreme Limits She Once Went To For Weight Loss

Her breakfast was barely a snack.

Wendy of Red Velvet has struggled with harsh criticism of her weight throughout the years.

From expectations of her company to netizens degrading comments online, she tried to do whatever she could to remain thin.

Wendy’s weight loss progression.

On Laundry Day, Wendy revealed that she believed she was “quite fat before” and revealed the extreme lengths she went to in order to lose weight (that are not recommended).

Her breakfast consisted of blending cabbage and an apple together…

…and that’s it. That was the meal.

Lunch had a similar idea, but this time, she had pumpkin juice.

This was her diet for the entire day, and the hosts were absolutely shocked.

In addition, she would exercise by jumping rope over 10,000 times.

She made herself do it within a period of 2 hours since she still had many other responsibilities to tend to. It’s amazing how she was able to do so much with such little energy.

She said with even these extreme measures, her body was still reluctant to drop weight as quickly as she would have liked.

Wendy ends on a very positive note, and says now she believes the prettiest look is being confident in yourself!

The crowd cheers at this sound of this. Being confident in your body, regardless of what others may think, will truly make you look and feel your best.

One thing that’s for sure is that all everyone wants is for Wendy to be happy, healthy, and confident!

It is important to educate yourself on the serious effects that come with extreme dieting, and that weight loss can be done differently in a much healthier way.

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