APink Is The Only Girl Group Left From The 2.5th Generation Of Idols – Here Is The Reason For Their Success According To Netizens

Congratulations on the 10 years!

If you’ve been here for quite sometime and know of the different generations, welcome to the K-pop veterans club. If you’re sort of new to it, the various K-pop generations have been explained here by a long-standing critic, Idology. The 2.5th generation girl groups consists of f(x), MISS A, SISTAR and Apink, and sadly, only Apink still remains standing.

Their success can be seen from their debut on, as they were touted as hot rookies after a strong push by CUBE Entertainment. Members can even be seen in the then B2ST‘s (now Highlight) music videos, such as “Breath” and “I Like You The Best”.

Apink’s Naeun in B2ST’s “Breath”.

From then on, they received much attention and success with songs such as “My My” and “NoNoNo” as they appealed to the general public with a cute and bright vibe. Their streak was continued by a change up in concept, as the girls went for something still feminine, but a little more mature, with “LUV”.

It seems that netizens agree with this sentiment, as they praised the girls for their ability to keep things going in the long run. They particularly pointed out the members’ record for “LUV”, which received 17 wins on music shows and has yet to be broken by any girl group.

All the members are also individually successful, with center Naeun being a CF model for many brands including for soju and canned tuna, as well as diet supplements. Bomi is also running her YouTube channel which is hilarious for fans and informative for the public on idol life. Maknae Hayoung has also released her solo song recently, while main vocalist Eunji is operating her radio show.

Their friendship also remains strong, as shown by matching bracelets made by Naeun for the girls.

The reason for their long-standing career according to netizens? The answer is simple – great team dynamics, kind personalities and a great leader.

The girls had made a comeback in April with “Dumhdurum” which was met with great success as they stood in the top 5 for music charts all throughout their promotional cycle, showing the public’s great interest in them. Check out the music video for the song here!

Source: Nate