This Talented K-Pop Group Has Always Ranked #1 on MELON Since Debut

They are also known for working on their own songs.

Since their debut, there is one K-Pop idol group that has had perfect all-kills for their title tracks in MELON, the largest music streaming site in South Korea.

They have also topped the charts of Genie, Mnet, Bugs, Soribada, Olleh Music, and more.

This is none other than WINNER, YG Entertainment’s boy group who debuted in 2014 after winning the survival program “WHO IS NEXT: WIN.”

Their consistent rise to number one in digital charts began with their debut song “Empty,” which helped them become the fastest group to win first place in a music show.

After a year in hiatus, they returned with their title track “Baby Baby.” This was to be their last comeback as five members. On October 12, 2016, main vocalist and maknae Nam Taehyun departed from the group due to health reasons.

In spite of this, WINNER proved that they were as strong as ever in their next hit, “Really Really” that was released on April 4, 2017. This marked a shift in the mood of their title tracks, having switched from emotional to vibrant. They were soon given the nickname “Summer Kings.”

Exactly one year after, they went on to release their electronic-heavy song “Everyday,” followed by “Love Me Love Me” and “Island.” Their only 2018 release, “Millions”, was fan-dedicated.

Their most recent comeback was “Ah Yeah,” released on May 15 of this year.

Unsurprisingly, it charted number one in all South Korean digital charts. Their album even sold up to 119,000 copies within the first two weeks of its release.

What makes this achievement even greater is that there is no track untouched by the members. Besides being proficient in singing, dancing, and rapping, the members of WINNER are also composers, producers, and choreographers. Seungyoon in particular is known for producing most of their title tracks.

With talent like this, it’s no wonder WINNER consistently ranks number one in MELON and other digital charts.

Source: Naver


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