WayV’s Lucas and GOT7’s Jackson Lived A Minute Away From Each Other Growing Up

They have more in common than you think.

On a Chinese broadcast show that the two both guested in, it was discovered upon the two chatting about their childhoods, that they had both been living in the same district in Sha Tin, Hongkong! Not only did they live in the same district, their houses were barely a minute away from each other.

The conversation started with GOT7‘s Jackson asking WayV‘s Lucas, on his favorite dish. Lucas had replied that he loved eating luncheon meat, eggs and rice, and Jackson revealed that it was his favorite too!

As they both did sports when they were younger, Jackson asked if Lucas trained at the same area he did as well, and if he got the iced desserts from the store right in front of the training hall, as well as the noodles from the plaza. When Lucas replied in the positive, Jackson could not contain his excitement!

The humble dish of luncheon meat, rice and a fried egg, is considered a staple in Hong Kong, and is still often eaten until today. It can frequently be seen in Hong Kong style diners overseas as well, for those that want a simple taste of home. Variations include noodles instead of rice.

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Catch the full clip of the adorable exchange about food below.

The two soon realized just how fated they were! In such a huge country, they lived right next door to each other. The irony of the situation was that they only met, years later, in the entertainment industry rather than back in their childhoods.

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Catch the full revelation complete with dramatic background music below.

With the two being successful in the same industry, they were bound to meet sooner or later. Perhaps, much as other idols of the same nationality keep in contact with each other, the two Hong Kong brothers may be closer than you think!